A fresh perspective on early-stage VC. No elevator pitch necessary.
31 North Capital Partners makes venture capital investments in technology, industrials, life science, agriculture, business services, infrastructure, and more. We also invest in commercial real estate. But we’re not your grandpa’s investment bank.

Our name is derived from the fact that we are located in the southern half of Georgia, USA, near the 31st northern parallel. Our positioning outside of Wall Street or Silicon Valley allows us to turn the typical financing experience on its head. We combine our roots in southern hospitality and our balanced investment approach into a creative process devoid of the typical stressors. No elevator pitch necessary.

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Our team is ardently focused on ideas that can meaningfully impact the quality and longevity of life on Earth. We aim to invest in people and endeavors that will propel our civilization through to the next century. Our services are differentiated by the care we take in building relationships with our founders. We strive to make our investment process enjoyable and unique, and we think our approachable, pragmatic investment philosophy, our culture of southern hospitality and our penchant for having fun help us to do so.


31 North Real Estate Investors, LLC, our company’s commercial property division, focuses upon opportunistic acquisition and development activities primarily in the southeastern US. Our team draws from deep experience in both commercial real estate finance and development in its selection of sites; entitlement, planning and engagement of construction services; procurement of debt financing and the assemblage of equity investment partners; development and construction management, and asset management services on behalf of the company and third-party investors.