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31 North Capital Partners is a multidisciplinary firm that leverages a deep portfolio of resources to strategically fund, develop, and acquire world-class real estate and venture capital assets.  


These resources include advanced financial modeling techniques, direct access to industry experts and leaders, decades of entrepreneurial experience, and investment dollars that are sourced both internally and through limited partnerships.

The guiding mission of 31 North is to leverage each portfolio project as a platform for the growth, benefit, and fulfillment of the individuals and communities responsible for each venture's success.


Through this culture of service and support, 31 North seeks to responsibly execute real estate and venture capital investment activities in a manner that promotes the prosperity of all stakeholders involved.

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31 North Real Estate Investors, LLC, is the company’s commercial real estate division.  31 North REI focuses on development and acquisition activities primarily in the southeastern US.  Target asset classes include hospitality and mixed-use developments anchored by hotels. Particular focus is placed on Class-A landmark projects emphasizing design architecture.


31 North Venture Capital, LLC, seeks to invest in people and endeavors that will reinvent industries and propel our society through to the next century. Our immense appetite to learn and discover defines our venture capital approach.  Examples of focus industries include media and entertainment, agtech, consumer goods and services, and cleantech.


Hotel Development
Venture Capital Investor


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