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Location: Tifton, Georgia

Investment Year: 2020

Investment Stage: Angel

Status: Active

BevMate is a high-performance, patent-pending lifestyle product that is engineered to serve as a highly portable beverage support system.  Utilizing neodymium magnets housed in a specialized rear compartment, BevMate is capable of linking with ferrous surfaces such as toolboxes, lawn mowers, tractors, work vehicles, UTV's, heavy equipment, RV's and more. For BevMate users, this unique portability ensures that life's active moments - from work to play to everything in between -  include their favorite beverage.

BevMate's design includes first-to-market features such as innovate "Tension Tabs" that dynamically react to beverage containers of varying diameters in order to accommodate a wide range of base measurements.  Also, the support system features a handle slot and condensation ports for additional functionality.  

The product is currently sold through Amazon Prime and will be marketed on a wholesale basis to national retail chains beginning Q2 2021.

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