31 North Venture Capital seeks to encourage and promote the development of meaningful, positive, and enduring answers to questions that test existential concepts such as sustainable energy production and global food security.  31 North VC places internal capital with entrepreneurs that are in the early stages of identifying innovative solutions to global, regional, and local technological challenges, with typical investments ranging from $50,000 to $5,000,000 in size.  By leveraging its extensive network of global contacts for industry-specific expertise, 31 North VC provides value-added funding to nascent startups that require more resources than simply dollars on a balance sheet.  Through both strategic investing and advising, 31 North Venture Capital focuses on developing the long-term sustainability of job-creating, problem-solving, and sometimes paradigm-shifting ideas and innovations.




We rarely pass on the chance to review opportunities from any industry or sector.  However, funding needs in the following industries are of particular interest: 


Biotechnology, consumer products and services, electronics/instrumentation, industrial/energy (specific interests in Cleantech, aerospace technologies, agricultural innovations, and transportation infrastructure), media and entertainment, and software (communications and networking, fintech).


Our typical investment ranges from $50,000 to $5,000,000.  We entertain preferred equity and debt rounds.

Seed and early/startup stages are where we enjoy engaging with and supporting entrepreneurs the most. However, we are certainly open to evaluating and participating in early growth stage opportunities if there is evidence that 31 North might serve as a meaningful and helpful resource.

Our Approach

Our target portfolio size is 5-7 investments at any given time, which means we really stake our success on your success. It follows that we are focused on doing everything in our power to move your idea or business upward.

No single founder is the same as another. The same goes for inventions, and the same goes for the way the investment process plays out. We adapt to our founders’ needs because we know that rigid boundaries are stifling to the creative process. Our job is to provide the means to take your vision to the next level, not to hinder you with formalities. Need to have open space to test new technology? Come to our farm and let’s put on our lab coats. Want to take a break? Let’s go kayaking. Beyond providing mere financing, we’re up for creating the perfect mix of conditions for you to do great things.

Contact us here to send us your idea, business model, discovery or mission, and the drivers behind your goals.

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